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Cole Steele

My New Series "Nashville Justice"

Introducing “Nashville Justice,” a captivating book series that follows the story of Lori Tolliver, a tenacious and ambitious young attorney in the heart of Music City. After graduating from Belmont University, Lori bravely takes the plunge and invests the last of her meager savings into starting her own law practice in Nashville.

With her unwavering dedication to her clients, Lori is quickly joined by her brother Shaun, a recently paroled former convict with a keen eye for detail. Together, this unlikely duo forms a formidable team, leveraging their unique perspectives and experiences to uncover the truth and fight for justice in the vibrant world of Nashville’s legal scene.

In this enthralling series, readers will accompany Lori and Shaun as they navigate the complexities of the law, confronting a diverse range of cases that test their resolve and challenge their beliefs. From bitter courtroom battles to heart-wrenching personal struggles, “Nashville Justice” is a thrilling journey that explores the pursuit of justice in a city where dreams are made and hearts are broken.

Immerse yourself in the world of Lori Tolliver and Shaun as they take on the Nashville legal landscape, proving that the scales of justice can be balanced with passion, determination, and an unshakable bond between siblings.

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