In the high-stakes legal thriller, “Ledger,” an intricate corporate scandal propels defense attorney Lori Tolliver and her astute investigator, Shaun, into a whirlpool of deceit and betrayal. Lori’s newest client, Melanie Blake, an unsuspecting accountant for the solar energy titan Aurora Systems, becomes the scapegoat for an elaborate embezzlement scheme. But Lori suspects there’s far more to the case than what’s on the surface.

As Melanie’s life spirals into chaos, Lori and Shaun venture beyond the courtroom into the dark underbelly of corporate greed. What they discover is a ticking time bomb of fraud, treachery, and malevolent intent, where the lines between the innocent and the guilty blur.

Against a backdrop of twisting narratives and shadowy figures, Lori must navigate a labyrinth of lies and unravel the truth before time runs out. Can she expose the real perpetrators within Aurora’s walls and save Melanie from an undeserved fate?