Lori and Shaun Tolliver are no strangers to the brutal battlefield of the courtroom. As a defense attorney and investigator duo, they’ve seen it all. But when they take on the case of Shelby Tipton, a grieving mother unwittingly entangled in a deadly drug conspiracy, they grapple with their toughest challenge yet.

In the face of an unyielding justice system, ruthless criminal elements, and Shelby’s impending trial, the Tollivers must race against time to untangle a web of deception. As the evidence piles up, the truth becomes increasingly elusive.

“Client” is a riveting legal thriller that plunges you deep into the high-stakes world of crime and justice. With every revelation more shocking than the last, Lori and Shaun’s fight for Shelby’s freedom will keep you on the edge of your seat. Discover the truth that lies hidden behind the courtroom doors.