In “Parlay,” Ron, who has been absent from his daughter Hannah’s life for over a decade, suddenly reappears under the shadow of his mysterious past. His previous gambling addiction had led to a devastating divorce from Willow, plunging her and Hannah into financial hardship. His unexpected presence at Hannah’s graduation party triggers a cascade of… Continue reading Parlay


Tobias Reed has a lethal talent paired with an insatiable thirst to use it. His heinous acts have left the city gripped in terror feeding an ever growing ego. Detective Willow Darby’s relentless pursuit of justice has now put her in the cross hairs of a prolific killer with his eyes set on the biggest… Continue reading Reticle


Willow Darby hasn’t stepped inside a church since her childhood. A recent pair of gruesome murders has shocked one religious community reopening its scandalous wounds. The high-profile crimes have caused the Vatican to send a mysterious emissary to assist Willow with her investigation. But now this has forced her into walking a diplomatic tight rope… Continue reading Vesper


Aurora Jeffries has been murdered. Her seemingly perfect marriage to a United States Ambassador might expose a double life she surely intended to keep secret. The details of which could possibly alter an already fragile geopolitical landscape inside Tanzania. If Hannah Darby hadn’t skipped school, there wouldn’t have been a witness to the crime. The… Continue reading Peril


Deklyn Boyd is a student favorite on Huron University’s campus. You won’t find an empty seat during any of his lectures. Department colleagues find him personable, engaging and intelligent. But his private life is the reason why documentaries get made and binge watched. Willow Darby’s investigation into a rash of unrelated bombings has drawn her… Continue reading Encounter


The carnival has come to town. An aroma of sweet cotton candy, along with other favorites, circulate on a warm summer breeze inside the fairgrounds. Laughter and screaming from the rides can be heard for a country mile, in any direction. It’s getting late, and Hannah Darby’s best friend Lori Tolliver, hasn’t exited the fun… Continue reading Admission


Willow Darby has found herself deep inside a Michigan forest, and well off the beaten path after attending a multi-level marketing house party. Three financial predators desperate to keep their dirty secrets hidden, have now made her the hunted.


Willow Darby is on a family vacation for the first time in years. It’s the 4th of July weekend on Mackinac Island and Main Street is teeming with tourists from all over the world. Moments before the last scheduled ferry is to arrive and return passengers to the mainland, the mistaken sounds of celebratory fireworks… Continue reading Departure