Silent Strings

In the heart of Music City, an unexpected legal battle begins. “Silent Strings”, the gripping new entry in the “Nashville Justice” series, throws attorney Lori Tolliver and investigator Shaun into a complex fight for justice. When Chinese immigrant Lu Jianwang, a food truck owner, finds himself the target of a powerful local organization’s lawsuit, a… Continue reading Silent Strings

King of Strings

Newly discovered Nashville sensation Devin Foster has his dreams of stardom hanging in the balance after a wrongful arrest and pending trial. Attorney Lori Tolliver’s fierce determination to persuade a jury of his innocence is an uphill battle against an element of misconduct deep inside Nashville’s police department. Packed with high stakes drama and unforgettable… Continue reading King of Strings

Fatal Verse

In the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, rookie attorney Lori Tolliver finds herself entangled in a high-stakes murder case when she takes on the defense of wealthy businessman John Parker. With the help of her resourceful brother, Shaun, recently released from prison, Lori dives headfirst into a labyrinth of deception and corruption. As the trial looms… Continue reading Fatal Verse

Dose of Deception

Lori Tolliver, a bright young lawyer, takes on her first case against pharmaceutical behemoth Kemper Pharmaceuticals, only to find herself in treacherous waters. Her client, Sarah, suffers debilitating nerve damage after taking the drug Eferidine. Lori is determined to prove that Kemper Pharmaceuticals knew the risks but failed to warn patients. With her recently paroled… Continue reading Dose of Deception