In “Miranda”, an aging man is catapulted into a maelstrom of accusations and intrigue following a deadly home invasion. With the nation watching, Eldon Lemke’s fate hangs in the balance, and it’s up to Lori Tolliver, a razor-sharp defense attorney, and her dogged brother Shaun, an ex-con turned investigator, to seek justice. Delving into the… Continue reading Miranda


Lori and Shaun Tolliver are no strangers to the brutal battlefield of the courtroom. As a defense attorney and investigator duo, they’ve seen it all. But when they take on the case of Shelby Tipton, a grieving mother unwittingly entangled in a deadly drug conspiracy, they grapple with their toughest challenge yet. In the face… Continue reading Client


In the high-stakes legal thriller, “Ledger,” an intricate corporate scandal propels defense attorney Lori Tolliver and her astute investigator, Shaun, into a whirlpool of deceit and betrayal. Lori’s newest client, Melanie Blake, an unsuspecting accountant for the solar energy titan Aurora Systems, becomes the scapegoat for an elaborate embezzlement scheme. But Lori suspects there’s far… Continue reading Ledger


In “Parlay,” Ron, who has been absent from his daughter Hannah’s life for over a decade, suddenly reappears under the shadow of his mysterious past. His previous gambling addiction had led to a devastating divorce from Willow, plunging her and Hannah into financial hardship. His unexpected presence at Hannah’s graduation party triggers a cascade of… Continue reading Parlay

Silent Strings

In the heart of Music City, an unexpected legal battle begins. “Silent Strings”, the gripping new entry in the “Nashville Justice” series, throws attorney Lori Tolliver and investigator Shaun into a complex fight for justice. When Chinese immigrant Lu Jianwang, a food truck owner, finds himself the target of a powerful local organization’s lawsuit, a… Continue reading Silent Strings


Dr. Marlene Scott is a respected emergency room physician inside Kirkwood Memorial Hospital. Her email often inundated with lucrative offers from recruiters across the country. Having rekindled a steamy relationship with her ex-boyfriend Kurt Collison from her undergraduate days back at Rutgers, she now has the one thing that has been missing in her life.… Continue reading Chameleon

Line Break

Detectives Roman Lee and Lonnie Temple uncover a conspiracy at Memorial Hospital with the help of Dr. Marlene Scott. The world’s first neurological procedure physically linking the human brain with an AI implant is a success and all eyes are on multi-millionaire Sebastian Conroy’s company Neurolink and its newly enhanced employee John Bentley. But just… Continue reading Line Break

Brethren of Liberty

An explosion shatters office windows in the Robert F. Corrigan building of downtown Kirkwood during lunch hour. Minutes later a static filled radio call goes out beckoning any available units. As Roman Lee speeds towards the billowing smoke with Lonnie Temple in the passenger seat another blast renders them unconscious. The Brethren of Liberty have… Continue reading Brethren of Liberty

Crimson Rows

A victim of an insect bite shows up in Memorial Hospital’s ER infected with a deadly virus thought to have been extinct. While investigating a fatal pedestrian accident Roman Lee discovers the two are related with the help of Dr. Marlene Scott. His pursuit of perpetrators behind a Global conspiracy will take him from the… Continue reading Crimson Rows

The Harvest Scar

An International Medical Tourism syndicate has found its way inside the city limits of Kirkwood. Roman Lee pursues a trail of evidence uncovering a conspiracy at Memorial Hospital and an organization of unspeakable evil.